My Blanket

I remember my security blanket.  I can’t recall when I got it as a child, but it brought me comfort.  A person with Asperger’s tends to latch on to an item that makes us feel secure.  Mine was a blanket; I carried everywhere I went except at school or a friend’s house.  My parents accepted my need to carry the blanket around the house.

It comforted me in times of feeling anxiety, which happened a lot around my mom.  I especially loved my blanky when it got washed.  I would caress it between my fingers and rub my nose in it for hours.  This behavior comes across as weird and abnormal in the neurotypical world, but for us Aspie’s, this is comforting and normal.

As I stated, my mom had no problem with the blanket.  When my parents got separated the final time, I got to take it with me.  I held that blanket more often once we arrived in Chicago.  The adjustment was traumatizing, and I clutched my blanky as often as possible.

My mom tried to enroll me in the public school but withdrew me when the superintendent told her because of my high grades; I would be bussed over an hour away to a magnet school.  Thankfully, she turned down the request.  Instead, she enrolled me in the Catholic school.  The same one I attended when my parents first separated when I was six years old. Oh, joy.  My anxiety went through the roof, and my blanky and I did not separate at all at my grandma’s house.

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