Poetry in Motion

One of my passions with poetry was designing T shirts.  I took some of my poems and placed it over beautiful photos.  I even hand drew one of my shirts.  So far I have a few designs available for sale through Amazon.  I am hoping to expand that number over time.  Go take a  peek and see if one catches your eye.  The links to the each T shirt is listed just below each poem.  Have a wonderful day and hope you enjoy my designs.


Where were You?

In the Deep 

Of the Valley

No Trees 

No Birds to Sing

Just Me

My Shadow

Alone in the Dark

Hands Raised

No One Grabs My Hands



Not Diseased

Lord Breathe

To life


On the Horizon

Soon Burst

My Canvas

Upside Down

Who am I

Whole & Complete



Abyss into lonely dark

Search for answers

Pierce within, no end in sight

Every corner, a wrong turn

Ravished by perception

Gain ground,it consumes

Echo sounds once forgotten

Relinquish self to gain peace



End to Life and Life to Come

Thunderous mountains brought forth from slumber

Clashing on air in the midnight mist of souls

Spiral to the depths of the earth

Seek the mother to grasp the answers

Instill she has the questions pondered                                    

Neverending whispers amongst the winds

Embraced by the musical tenors of every season

Fiery skies rape the sleeping beauty

All is in a tither, waiting patiently for solace

Come it will, when the heavens divide the earth

Maker of life shield the eyes of the innocents

Twisted agony ceases this day

Exodus has come

No more worship to life



Wheres’s the Confidants?

Smiles Facade

Eyes Lifeless


Into Black & White

Disappearing More

Lights Dim

Curtain Call

Did my Life Mean

Anything at All…


Rainbow Tears
On the Horizon
Bleed Through the Soul              
Capture Moments
Left Behind
Tallest Leaf

She cannot Reach

Fingers Formed From
The Pages of Nostalgia

Seedlings Trickles                                                          

Down Her Body                                          

From the Places of Forgotten

Pouring Salt
Over Wounds
Searing Agony
Her Only Companion
Into the Depths
Of another Tomorrow
My Faith
Within My Heart
Defines my Soul
Humbleness and not Give In                                    
To the Falseness that Surrounds
God Laid my Path Clearly
The Answers I Seek
When I am Certain All is Lost
His Voice Calls
What My Heart Already Knows