About Me

I always felt like I was outside the box looking in.  I came from a family where my siblings were 8, 11, and 13 years older than me.  They were much older and already I felt like the odd kid out.  I was born in Chicago in 1971.  My parents, for whatever reason, thought it would be a great idea to move to Canada when I was six weeks old. We rented a duplex in Thunder Bay Ontario until I was nine months old.  Mom and dad bought a motel just outside a little town called Nipigon about seventy miles north of Thunder Bay.   It was here at this motel that I would begin my awareness of not quite “fitting in.”

I didn’t discover I had Asperger’s until a couple of years ago. All my life I felt stuck, wondering why I never fit in with anyone.  Relationships have been difficult to say the least.

I always knew I had a quirkiness to me.  I could never quite figure out why.  I pondered many times, am I defective? What made me seem so awkward and different from others?

My life hadn’t been the best but looking back it certainly wasn’t the worst. I had my share of receiving abuses and other not so pleasant life experiences.  I went to therapy, found Jesus (yay), went through forgiveness, and still I felt “off.”  I finally did a long deep look at myself and decided to research why I was still out there.  Lo and behold, after long hours of pouring through research and analyzing my traits since childhood, I found my answer.  I carried all the traits of Asperger’s.

Some would disagree that since I didn’t get a professional opinion, it doesn’t validate my findings.  From previous issues with other health related issues, I had to research or it would have cost my life. That’s for another blog…

I’ve gone through the gambit of suffering through depression/suicide most of my life, parents divorce, abuse, teenage pregnancy, married three times, etc….a whole lot of other stuff.  But, I am a survivor in spite of it all and want to share with others.

Essentially my blog is about my journey living with Asperger’s and how it formed me into the individual I am today. It is and will be more than just about Asperger’s….just an aspect of me and how it is a part of me.  This is my journey and I hope you enjoy and perhaps learn new things just as I did along the way. Welcome to aspiegirlandmore…